Loreto College

We believe education makes a difference in people’s lives and we embrace the responsibility to design spaces that support and enrich this experience.

ThomsonAdsett are experienced and innovative master planners. We create visionary ideas for our clients by:

  • Engaging with and understanding stakeholders
  • Realising the residual value and potential of existing assets through analysis (buildings and landscapes)
  • Embracing the history and culture of the site and organisation, and
  • Embedding the strategic direction of our clients into the master plan.

We conceive long-term visions while defining the short and medium-term interventions required.

Our experience and technique delivering user group consultations results in a deep understanding of the lived experience of stakeholders and their dreams.

Our process delivers quantifiable outcomes from these consultations, enabling our designers to create visions that address these views.

“Working with the team from ThomsonAdsett challenged me to think differently about our approach and the way we have always done things. To achieve this, there was a lot of communication, collaboration and consultation to understand what we needed, how we needed it to function, and whether what was suggested would actually work.”

Sharon Barker - Foundation Principal, Fortitude Valley State Secondary College


Robert Puflett