Exciting developments in Seniors Living

We are delighted to announce the appointment of ThomsonAdsett Partner Tieran Kimber to the position of Group Director – Seniors Living. Although David Lane, Emeritus Chairman and Partner, will hand over the Group Director reigns, he will maintain a key role within ThomsonAdsett.

In fact, this changing of the guard heralds an exciting new opportunity for David — allowing him more time to devote to mentoring burgeoning talent at ThomsonAdsett. We are delighted David will continue to deliver valuable insights to our practice and clients.

For Tieran Kimber, his new role as Group Director — Seniors Living will enable him to draw upon more than 20 years’ experience in designing and delivering seniors living facilities. Over the years, Tieran has been influential in supporting the growth of ThomsonAdsett’s Melbourne office from just four staff to a team of 25 today.

Tieran’s areas of expertise include integrated seniors living developments, retirement living and memory care design (designing for dementia) — a growing focus of the aged care industry. Importantly, Tieran leverages both local and global perspectives to inform his work within this sector.

An inclusive and innovative leader, Tieran gains great satisfaction from engaging with a broad range of stakeholders. Conducting workshops with aged care residents and their families, and liaising with facility managers, and local community members, are all in a day’s work for Tieran. In short, he is tireless in his pursuit of positive design outcomes for all.

Tieran’s exceptional client service, together with his open communication style, make him an invaluable asset to the ThomsonAdsett team.

David Lane, ThomsonAdsett Emeritus Chairman and Partner (at left) and Tieran Kimber, ThomsonAdsett Partner and Group Director – Seniors Living (at right)