ThomsonAdsett in the South Pacific

Our Resorts and Leisure team continues to expand with several new projects within the South Pacific.

We’re currently working on two major projects in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea – the Loloata Island Resort and a mixed-use development.

Loloata Island Resort is a boutique hotel, which has been a holiday destination for divers for many years. The resort is undergoing a major redevelopment, replacing old and dated facilities with modern accommodation huts, a new central building and ancillary buildings. The project is currently under construction, expected to be finished in late 2018.

The mixed-use development in Port Moresby comprises of a multi-level retail and commercial complex and an adjoining residential development with 22 townhouses. The development will provide visitors with a secure modern shopping experience on the ground floor level, with ample space for major tenants, small shops and food court facilities. It will also be able to accommodate office tenants on the upper storeys. Early works are expected to start within months.

These projects are led by our new Resorts and Leisure Brisbane Team Leader, Gergely Szabo. Gergely is highly experienced in large-scale commercial, civic, hospitality, heritage and industrial projects across Australia and Europe. He now brings this wide-ranging experience to the South Pacific.

We’re looking forward to working closely with our clients to deliver these fantastic projects.

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