Tips on how to design to provoke all of the senses – ThomsonAdsett in Australian Ageing Agenda

Architects and designers can empower seniors and aged care residents through designing for the senses beyond the traditional five, such as the senses of direction, balance and familiarity, writes Rulla Asmar.

The pressure to meet the demand for high quality accommodation and care for seniors is continuously increasing. 

For many years, aged care has focused on the care aspect. It’s been about the systems and processes associated with providing care to residents.

Today, aged care is all about the resident. How does the resident feel? How do we ensure they feel like they’re in their own home and not in an institution? 

As designers, we need to provide support for personalised care and create places for meaningful experiences – where care can be delivered and a fulfilling life lived.

At ThomsonAdsett, we have found three factors are key to designing the future of aged care:

  1. Designing for all senses
  2. Creating community
  3. Designing a home

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