Space the biggest influencer in cognitive behaviour of school children and educators

One of our Partners, Rob Puflett, was recently selected for the Board of A Class Act – an initiative by Barry Du Bois, from Channel 10’s The Living Room.

A Class Act aims to radically re-think the design and use of our current demountable classrooms, which are often unattractive, uneconomical and unecological. Following the research phase, we’ll work closely with Barry and his team to design a cutting-edge learning model that can be applied to any school in Australia.

The new model will also recycle all waste and use natural energy from the sun to heat and cool the space. Children will soon be able to learn in an open environment with natural light.

Our design and development goals include:

  • To design a cutting-edge learning layout that suits girls and boys
  • To have zero reliance on public utilities, and work 100 per cent off-the-grid
  • To develop a concept that can be moved, stacked and positioned anywhere in the country
  • To incorporate wet areas that are completely closed-loop
  • To design a concept that can be built and installed at the same cost as the existing out-of-date structures

A Class Act is currently working with companies and institutions including Headspace and Curtin University, to develop research on child psychology and the influence of space on behaviour.

Thank you to everyone who attended our recent Friends of the Industry (FOTI) event, where Barry shared his insights on rethinking the way we design our education and learning environments for children.

Visit for more on this great initiative.


Barry Du Bois at our recent FOTI event

Barry Du Bois at our recent FOTI event