Research shows aged care ‘small house model’ increases quality of life

ThomsonAdsett has developed a close alliance with the esteemed University of Sydney Professor Susan Kurrle to bring her research into the care aspects of dementia and related functional cognitive decline to light.

The heart-warming and important ABC documentary series, Old People’s Home for 4 Year Olds, was just one of Professor Kurrle‘s exciting pieces of research.

ThomsonAdsett’s Melbourne and Sydney studios recently hosted information sessions, where Professor Kurrle shared her latest research findings with many longer living providers and decision makers.

Professor Kurrle also shared findings from Clustered domestic residential aged care in Australia: fewer hospitalisations and better quality of life, which encapsulates the small house model from Professor Kurrle’s research work. The research shows that smaller scale, clustered domestic models of residential aged care are associated with fewer hospitalisations and higher quality of life for residents (at similar or lower costs).

In response to Professor Kurrle’s research, ThomsonAdsett’s Group Director for Seniors Living Simon Drysdale, considered how longer living facilities are designed to reflect these latest models of care, and in particular, the small house model of care.

One such example of the small house model is ThomsonAdsett’s recent Mercy Place Montrose project.

The project is Mercy Health’s second residential aged care home to be purpose-built in the form of small community households.

The new accommodation has 90 aged care beds, arranged in small households of seven-to-eight beds. The households open onto a three-story glazed atrium which provides visual and auditory cognition throughout the building. The ground floor is arranged as a fully functioning public street, with a grocer, café, library, chapel and other activity areas for social activity and integration. 

Simon says that ThomsonAdsett’s longer living team, and subsequently our clients, have greatly benefited from our close alliance with Professor Kurrle.

“Professor Kurrle reminds us that big and often difficult care issues can be dealt with through humility and dignity,” Simon says.

“She has reminded us of the importance of empathy and the human benefits of care.”

ThomsonAdsett looks forward to continuing our strong relationship with Professor Susan Kurrle and sharing our learnings from her research with our clients.


Below: Professor Susan Kurrle and ThomsonAdsett’s Simon Drysdale

Below: Mercy Place Montrose Residential Aged Care Facility