University Drive Masterplan

This study, undertaken in collaboration with the University executive, explores the potential redevelopment of this major campus artery, which is a critical component of the $320m campus redevelopment program.

Our design recognises the need for multiple hubs to accommodate significant growth in student numbers, the importance of enriching the student experience with external learning environments, and the need to activate the entire length of University Drive.

The drive will become a shared pedestrian and vehicular surface and will greatly assist the flow and engagement of students from the Rapid Transit Station to the north, through to Clinical Sciences to the south.

From an urban design perspective, the study seeks to increase the overall connectivity of the campus and quality of the public realm.

Developments currently under construction such as the Health Precinct and Library extension will benefit from the increased pedestrian access.

Opportunities for additional research and learning buildings, retail, a swimming pool, art, staging of events, wayfinding and the essential supporting infrastructure provisions are all fully considered in the study.

We’ve been subsequently appointed to develop the Schematic Design of the first phase of this strategy.

Gold Coast, Australia