Somerset Civic Centre

The design of the new Somerset Civic Centre is centred around community engagement for residents of Esk and Somerset.

The large civic hall needed to sit comfortably within a natural setting – to achieve this we took inspiration from the dominant Glen Rock nearby. A simple, functional interior is consumed by a folded, external skin that is both roof and wall.

Our design fulfils the changing needs of the growing community, by creating a flexible, eco-resilient and imaginative civic building.

Esk, Australia



We began the process with a three day community workshop, which was met with extreme passion from local councillors and key community representatives.

An efficient and streamlined process was created, where community feedback directly impacted on the look, direction and mixed-use purpose of this community asset.

Key community feedback along with an appreciation of the natural assets of the site have shaped the design, to combine the multi-purpose functions required of a community centre, with Esk’s community philosophy of warmth and integrity.