Reside Communities’ Samford Grove Retirement Village community centre, The Homestead

Photography by Christopher Frederick Jones

The Samford Grove Retirement Village development is a mix of shared residential apartments and community spaces, and it aims to redefine retirement living in a contemporary way that connects with the site’s unique location.

ThomsonAdsett’s architecture and interior design teams were engaged to design the Village’s state-of-the-art community centre known as The Homestead. The design vision was to create a contemporary interpretation of the humble Queenslander home, paired with a palette inspired by the natural landscape of Samford Valley. Intentional detailing carried from the externals through to the internals pays homage to traditional Queenslander architecture and brings the outside in. Clean lines and a palette of brick, timber and neutral tones create a local feel.

Designed as a series of ‘framed moments’, the building houses a balance of open community areas and intimate, quiet spaces for the residents to enjoy as an extension of their home.

Brisbane, Australia