Bonalbo Multipurpose Service

The Multipurpose Service (MPS) model of care is specifically designed for regional and remote communities to provide coordinated delivery of health and aged care services.

The MPS project at Bonalbo converted the existing hospital to a Multipurpose Service. It now includes 24-hour access to first aid and urgent care in an emergency treatment room, inpatient beds, residential aged care beds, a consultation room, allied health and community services, and staff accommodation.

Built on a sloping southwest-facing site, the project involved staged demolition of the existing hospital. The residential aged care accommodation and inpatient facilities were built first, with the majority of hospital services decanted into the partially completed new facility prior to completion of the remainder of the building. A temporary ambulance bay and Persons With Disabilities (PWD) parking were also constructed to facilitate project staging.

Bonalbo, Australia