Mabel Park State High School Learning Centre

Responding to the findings by school leadership for a need for new learning spaces and covered outdoor spaces, we were appointed to design a Learning Centre for Mabel Park State High School, with construction now underway.

This new learning centre establishes a critical investment into the campus, providing spaces for the students of Mabel Park to learn, share, and create. Established in collaboration with the Department of Education, along with students, parents, and educators, the project showcases the diversity and high standards set by Mabel Park and the community, blending science, robotics, design, dance, and general learning

Positioned centrally on the campus, establishing itself as the heart of the school, the new learning centre is spread across three levels..

The ground floor includes a United Cultural Centre, Prayer Room, Collaboration Space, amenities and change rooms, along with a canteen, and resource store. Levels 1 and 2 house the learning spaces, with an external landscape corridor connecting to external spaces and the campus. All levels feature outdoor learning areas.

Brisbane, Australia