Loloata Island Resort

Loloata Island is a small, elongated island with a steep ridge line that extends the length of the island. It is sparsely vegetated and surrounded by a shallow coral shelf, coral beaches and rocky outcrops. A small sand spit exists on the north east corner of the island. Embracing the spirit of Loloata, the resort has been planned to engage with the environment and have a minimal impact upon the site.

Site coverage has been minimised to reduce the civil exposure of raising the inhabited areas of the island and contain the capital cost of services infrastructure and reticulation in a ‘sprawling‘ development. Undeveloped areas will be rejuvenated and used as recreational areas or nature reserves.

The compact nature of the development also increases connectivity between hotel suites and central facilities. The self-sufficient, private villas are located further away from the central amenities to provide greater seclusion. The resort is designed as a ‘gallery on an island’, a place of impressive scale with exhibition space, creating memorable and unexpected experiences for guests along with a beautiful attention to detail.

Loloata Island, Papua New Guinea