Horton House

Horton House Gordon by Twilight Aged Care is the adaptive reuse of an existing 1972 42-bed nursing home to a 50-bed residential aged care home. This facility was typical of its era with multi-bedded rooms, shared ablution facilities and limited community spaces, poor parking and infrastructure.

This was an innovative project in many small ways. This site was the first in Australia to unitize the Elsi sensor floor systems to assist in remote monitoring of resident movement and falls. Meanwhile, the modular ensuite bathrooms all use a bidet-style toilet pan which enables improved hygiene between resident and staff.

ThomsonAdsett’s strategic intervention removed approximately 30% of the building and modified the building to include ensuite bathrooms to all rooms – built as modular, off-site elements and craned into place. Our team also added parking, a loading bay and hospitality services into the new social and community spaces. The interiors were designed to be earthy and homelike.

The new entry defines how the building addresses the public domain and presents the ‘front door’ to the home.

ThomsonAdsett is pleased to have an ongoing relationship with our client, Twilight Aged Care.

Gordon, Australia