Deakin University Cube

Photography by Alicia Taylor

We created a number of iconic signage pieces for Deakin University, inspired by Deakin’s ‘LIVE the Future’ strategy.

The signage was inspired by technology, and the play of light and colour transforms the art installations into signature focal points on each of Deakin’s campuses.

The use of white represents the collective university, and the perforations symbolise the five student personalities defined within the LIVE vision: brave, accessible, inspiring, stylish and savvy.

Geelong, Australia

ThomsonAdsett have been involved in cutting edge and innovative designs for Deakin University and provide a level of fresh and creative thinking in arriving at workable but stunning design solutions.

Kevin Murphy, Executive Director, Facilities Services Division,  Deakin University



The design process involved students and staff engaging in an interactive session to choose the arrangement of the perforations – effectively personalising the cube’s design to each campus.