A significant investment in growth area schools.
Inclusive settings for a wider cohort benefit.
On site kindergartens.

The VSBA’s New Schools 2022 – Bundle A will service the north west and south west regions of Victoria including four mainstream and one inclusion primary schools, one inclusion secondary school, one early learning centre (ELC), one community activity centre and a temporary kinder.

Developed in partnership with Law Architects, all buildings have been designed as template buildings to streamline the construction process and meet the tight deadlines on this program. The schools have been carefully sited on each campus to take advantage of the natural amenity, respecting local indigenous cultural heritage, and embedding a connection to nature within the campus. A key feature of the bundle is the significant investment provided in landscape settings. All schools have been designed with sensory needs embedded throughout the buildings, and landscape with nature play and natural play settings.

All classroom spaces can be fully enclosed, and well-connected collaborative zones provide full flexibility for teaching methods to adapt to the learning needs of the student cohort.

A library / STEAM centre attached to the administration function of the school provides a variety of spaces for extra-curricular activities within the school and the broader community.

Master-planning has considered the layout of buildings, carparks and sporting fields throughout the schools to provide the opportunity for community engagement and additional income for each school.

At Wollert East Primary School, significant cultural heritage engagement was undertaken following collaboration with the local Indigenous elders. Utilising Aboriginal artefacts uncovered during cultural heritage surveys, and working with local artists and story-tellers to bring the story of those artefacts to life within the school grounds and buildings will add further dimension to this school over time.

In progress – All four Primary Schools, Early Learning and Community Centres were completed in 2021. Stage 1 of the Secondary School commenced construction in 2022 for a staged delivery from 2023 onwards (pending additional funding).


Victorian Schools Building Authority (VSBA)


Melbourne, Victoria, Australia




Interior Design



Primary schools and ELC opened for 2022 school year, Secondary school commenced construction 2022 for a staged delivery from 2023


Estimated $220 million