A workplace that fosters connection and encourages growth and creativity.

ThomsonAdsett designed its latest workspace on Level 9 of Jubilee Place, a new 14-storey commercial building that features an exoskeletal structure showcasing a striking cantilevered tower design built over the heritage-listed Jubilee Hotel.

As the interior designer and project manager, ThomsonAdsett designed and delivered a people-centric studio that allows for knowledge sharing, flexibility and collaboration across our teams. The space fosters connection and encourages growth and creativity.

ThomsonAdsett is driven by a desire to design places and spaces that support the people who use them. Our workplace fitout is based on wellness and best practice accessible design and sustainable principles. The studio incorporates a multi-functional and private wellness room to support nursing mothers or a space for faith or respite without having to leave the building.

User group workshops were held with Brisbane studio staff who provided feedback on the direction of the new studio. They indicated their desire for a modern, minimal, timeless and open design in the new studio, with a significant interest in a dynamic space incorporating collaborative and quiet workspaces. ThomsonAdsett’s Interior Design team delivered on these requests, providing zones within the new studio dedicated to collaborative work, focus time and creative tasks.

The project was designed and documented by the ThomsonAdsett Interior Design team that collaborated online working remotely during a spike of COVID-19 within the Brisbane community in early 2022.

The project was delivered with an expedited program allowing all staff to move into the new studio before the end of the financial year. The team worked closely with the contractors on site and materials and furniture suppliers in the Brisbane community to produce an inspiring studio that acknowledges our 50-year history and showcases the future direction of ThomsonAdsett.




Brisbane, Queensland, Australia



Interior Design


Completed 2022


$1.1 million