Comprehensive plan delivers modern facility. Seamlessly integrated design exceeds expectations and supports curriculum.

Working closely with stakeholders to understand the challenges and aspirations for the school, our goal was to help achieve their desired outcome of a modern and functional facility that addressed their specific needs. Through extensive consultations with the school staff and the client, we devised a comprehensive plan that included the construction of a new ‘smart’ manufacturing facility and post-modern industrial building.

Our design incorporated training and design rooms, a manufacturing centre, project construction areas, storage spaces, and support areas, all seamlessly integrated with the existing structures. Additionally, we ensured accessibility, energy efficiency, and safety considerations were at the forefront of our design.

By implementing cost-effective and functional solutions, we were able to deliver a state-of-the-art centre that not only met the client’s budgetary constraints but exceeded their expectations.

The outcome achieved has provided the school with the necessary tools and facilities to support their curriculum directions, accommodate growth, and foster industry partnerships.


Queensland Government Department of Education


Sunnybank, Queensland, Australia



Interior Design

Landscape Architecture

Principal Consultant


Completed 2023


$3 million