A refurbishment that brings twenty-first century learning spaces into the library. A concept that maximises the residual value of the volume. The creation of student spaces adjacent to the campus civic spine.

ThomsonAdsett was commissioned to develop the refurbishment plan for the library. The design has completely transformed the existing library and support staff areas.

The project includes two new mezzanines and a complete remodelling of the main lower library level. Our design provides a diversity of formal, informal, technological, collaborative and study spaces. Detailed planning has realised floor space for the client beyond the original expectations.

The design also includes a new lift, a remodelled welcome and reception space, multi-functional spaces, and silent study areas.

The library is a fundamental aspect of the social structure of the school with spaces designed, staged and zoned to support peer-to-peer learning and extended-use programs.

This project is an exemplar of maximising the residual value of an existing asset with a design that is sensitive to the character of the existing building. The design offers choice and has the inherent flexibility required to support a diversity of learning modalities.




Brisbane, Queensland, Australia



Interior Design


Completed 2018


$5 million