A new safe, secure and dignified mental health facility providing opportunities to practice patients’ development of social relationships and self-care skills

ThomsonAdsett is proud to be involved in the development of a new mental health facility situated near the $2.14 billion Northern Beaches Hospital. The facility has been designed to cater to the increasing demand for mental health services and will provide 80 beds across eight floors, replacing the vacant warehouse previously occupying the site.

The patient’s well-being was at the forefront of the design process, with ThomsonAdsett incorporating elements of biophilia, such as natural light and ventilation, sophisticated materials and finishes, and integrating landscaped elements into the building’s fabric. This creates a therapeutic environment that connects patients with nature, promoting a sense of calm and positivity. The balance of communal and private spaces encourages independence while providing the option of privacy when needed. The design also takes into account the needs of the staff, offering positive and welcoming spaces that support staff retention.

The facility includes a range of living and dining spaces, outpatient and inpatient facilities, treatment rooms, a gymnasium, and three types of garden, including rooftop, therapeutic, and winter gardens. The etched concrete components of the design define the building’s base, while the facade planters bring cascading greenery to the street elevation, creating an engaging street presence.


Frenches Forest, New South Wales, Australia


SSDA Approved


Estimated $50million