A STEM learning centre and a united cultural hub. Project creates new heart to the campus with covered social spaces for students.

This new learning centre establishes a critical investment into the campus by providing spaces for the students of Mabel Park to learn, share, and create.

The design began with a response to the lived experience of the school leadership citing the critical need for new learning spaces and covered outdoor spaces. This dual focus has been a continual focus for the design from the landscape to the building.

This project blends science, design, robotics, dance, and general learning. It provides upgraded canteen and support facilities including student amenities for this growing school.

The school’s United Cultural Centre is a unique facility which has has been given a prominent position at the entry to the school. Co-located with a collaboration space, this can now be a multi-function space, enabling the school to extend learning programs and blended community programs.

Positioned centrally in the campus, the new project establishes a heart to the campus. Linear circulation paths are disrupted while open spaces for learning, eating, and socialising are created.

Access for all has been a core consideration with the design addressing access issues into and through the school. This is achieved generally without handrails breaking the ground plan.

Two existing trees shape the overall shape and form of the design, providing important focus points on both sides of the project. Opportunities for seating are enabled in multiple zones, with the grass hill adding further opportunities for students to sit and gather. Soft landscaped gardens are introduced to provide articulation around the edges of the building with opportunity to allow planting to climb up the building at the two stairs integrating landscape and building.


Queensland Government Department of Education


Slacks Creek, Queensland, Australia



Interior Design


Completed 2022


Estimated $25 million