$6.5M four-storey building with 30 units planned for Lismore

ThomsonAdsett recently worked with North Coast Community Housing to design a four-storey, 30-unit development on a 2,428m2 site in Lismore, New South Wales, with considered social elements that cater to the needs of residents. A mix of ten one-bedroom units and 20 two-bedroom units over three floors is proposed, with 40 car spaces on the ground floor.

The North Coast Community Housing Company Ltd (NCCH) is a not-for-profit company managing long-term social and affordable housing for people with special needs and residents with low and moderate incomes in the far North Coast region of New South Wales in Australia.

The Land and Housing Corporation (LAHC) Dwelling Requirements informed the design and development of the LAHC social housing property portfolio. These requirements apply to all new LAHC dwellings and are driven by design quality, environmental performance, operational effectiveness and tenant well-being within cost parameters.

ThomsonAdsett considered the efficiency of resources, energy and water as the key aims in terms of ecologically sustainable development and building design. This included matters such as urban consolidation and public transport use, energy conservation and passive solar design, insulation and thermal massing, waste management, and water conservation and stormwater management. The design addressed the elements of good sustainable design contained in the Apartment Design Guide with high levels of solar access and natural ventilation. The passive thermal design allows for natural ventilation, heating and cooling to reduce reliance on technology and operation costs.

This significant project has now been approved by the local council and will be one of the first higher-density developments in the area.


North Coast Community Housing Company Ltd (NCCH)


Lismore, New South Wales, Australia




Development application approved


Estimated $6.5 million