A substantial 10,800m2 landmark government building which reflects design aesthetics in consideration of the cultural heritage and environmental and social impacts.

ThomsonAdsett was engaged to prepare a project concept for a modern, fit-for-purpose, and flexible government office complex that will accommodate about 20 small, medium, large government ministries/agencies and approximately 500 public sector employees in a central location.

This project involves the creation of a 10,800m2 complex in three interconnected buildings to be developed in three stages. Major site works are indicated as occurring during the development of Building 2.

This building is to be a landmark building for the island. Developed in plan form using the local bird as a motif, the design incorporates a series of fifteen sun screens in the shape of vaka sails. These sails represent the fifteen islands and will carry patterns developed from indigenous patterns used in tattoos and lashings. It will be an iconic project, briefed as a self-sustaining landmark and an architectural symbol and reflection of the island nation coming of age entering the twenty-first century.

The key drivers for the project include cultural significance, public experience, adaptability, environmental factors (weather and sustainability), and workplace happiness.

Our team undertook a thorough workshop with the client, carried out extensive research, visited significant civic and public buildings, and interviewed key locals to gain a true understanding of the country and its people. This then drove the overall building form, materiality, planning and interior strategy to create a place with a robust and meaningful design story.

The project is remote from other developed supply and manufacturing centres in the Pacific region. There is a limited skill range in a building industry more attuned to domestic construction, presenting a challenge to up-skill local tradesmen into larger commercial-quality work.

The design has been approved and will be constructed in the near future.




South Pacific Ocean


Concept Design

Schematic Design


2019 - present


Estimated NZ$51 million