An innovative, sustainable 30-storey mixed-use development, featuring retail, residential, and commercial spaces with modern methods of construction.

ThomsonAdsett has been appointed to design and develop an exciting new build-to-rent mixed-use project. This innovative development will feature a distinctive vertical arrangement, offering a range of retail, residential, and commercial options across its 30-story height limit.

As a gateway building on the northern edge of Brisbane’s CBD, this development will comprise 4,000m² of tenancy space, a commercial car park, and 250 high-quality build-to-rent apartments, complete with common amenities.

The design incorporates modern methods of construction, leveraging off-site manufacture of building components to enhance building efficiency and reduce construction timeframes. Additionally, energy efficiency measures are being carefully considered in the selection of materials, design, and ongoing operation of the building.

Located in close proximity to public transport, pedestrian, and cycle networks, this standalone vertical village will be well connected to Brisbane’s CBD and surrounding areas.

ThomsonAdsett’s design for this project aims to create a distinctive and impressive landmark, contributing to the revitalisation of the area, and enhancing the urban fabric of the city.




Bowen Hills, Queensland, Australia




DA Application 2024


$150 million