Brisbane Grammar School – Social Space

Creating multi-purpose covered play spaces on an inner city site. A design that embraces the physicality of children’s play into a social and learning environment.

ThomsonAdsett was invited to assist Brisbane Grammar School with the design of a purpose-built social play space and multi-purpose cricket training facility.

We developed a cohesive design strategy to address the specific needs of the cricket facility, motor skills development, external dining, learning, exploration, exercise and play.

The design has created a Years 5 and 6 play space with a choice of activities readily available for students of various abilities and interests.

Some of the project’s challenges included existing levels, the presence of existing buildings, consideration of primary circulation flows, existing vegetation and services provisions.

The new space provides a colourful, cost effective, accessible and enjoyable space for students for a range of essential outdoor activities of varying scales.


Brisbane, Queensland, Australia



Landscape Architecture



Completed 2014




A vibrant social space
offering students a choice
of outdoor activities