Bringing world’s best practice to our seniors living projects

Our Managing Director Chris Straw recently travelled to England, to research the world’s best practice in seniors living design.

Chris took part in a Studying and Advancing Global Eldercare (SAGE) Study Tour, which gives seniors living executives the opportunity to experience world-class seniors living models firsthand.

The tour included several seniors living site visits in London and Bristol including The St Monica Trust in Bristol. The not-for-profit organisation has themed their developments around key community stories and icons. Their latest project, “The Chocolate Quarter” centres around the refurbishment of an existing, unused four-storey Cadbury chocolate factory building. The organisation has cleverly incorporated over 10,000sqm of office space into the site, along with a number of businesses such as public restaurants, wellness spaces and health centres.

The project is a forward-thinking exemplar of how seniors living developments can consider alternative business models to future-proof their facilities.

We love travelling the world to bring the latest research and best practices to our clients.