Bringing projects to life through visualisation

Visualisation is a powerful way to bring certainty and confidence to any architectural or interiors project.

Too many projects fail because they’re badly communicated.

Visualisation humanises design, meaning misperceptions are not allowed to take hold.

At ThomsonAdsett our visualisation team can produce compelling digital models and renders of any project to help clients explore and envisage the finished product.

Leading team member Alex du Plessis is a trained architect with more than 25 years’ experience in visualisation and 20 years’ experience as an architectural and interior designer and project coordinator.

Alex and the team use 3D computer modelling and visualisation to bring future projects to life, aiding decision-making and engagement.

It’s important to use visual and experiential storytelling techniques to maintain support and understanding throughout a project’s lifecycle.

Far from how things simply ‘might look’, visualisation is now a vital engagement tool on successful projects and at ThomsonAdsett we are excited to be able to offer this service in-house to our clients.

Designs are fully digitised, enabling our visualisation team to explore various design options with clients from the start and ensure designs are feasible and aesthetically of the highest quality.

Renders of various types and quality can be produced including wireframe, shaded, semi-realistic and photorealistic.

They can help with verifying design and materiality, be used as part of tender or construction/contractual documentation as well as for a development application or other statuary approval.

Clients may also wish to use renders for their own physical and electronic marketing of a project.

All renders are produced as part of a collaborative process between our architects, interior designers, consultants and clients. This ensures a positive outcome for all parties involved.

From still imagery, panoramas and animations (including post-production and sound/music production), it is ThomsonAdsett’s mission to create experiences that engage.

These visually rich, virtual, acoustic animations bring people closer to designs, build public confidence and investor support.

It’s a cost-effective way to guarantee projects are accurately presented to a greater number of stakeholders and communities.

Visual communication leads to superior design outcomes.

Below are a few examples of our recent work for ThomsonAdsett’s valued clients. To discuss how we can possibly assist you with your next project, feel free to get in touch.